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To pause and consider the many ways God is active in our lives changes one’s perspective.
To share stories of God’s presence and activity in one’s life is to become a blessing to others and a light of God’s love.

Senior Night

We will be recognizing the Seniors from our youth group on May 31st, 5:00-6:30 with a drive by salute. Church family, neighbors, friends and anyone really, can drive by to say hello and congratulate our Seniors. You can drop off letters or cards at this time. They will be in the back parking lot with their own area decorated, along with their family and their play list of music. Come and show them some love. 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  We will need 4-8 traffic coordinators. We are hoping for a good sized car crowd and think we will need people to help direct. It can be done while sitting and while staying a safe distance. There are even cool yellow vests to wear. Please let Bonnie know if you can help by calling or emailing.  

Bonnie Riley
Director of Children and Youth Ministries
(803) 348-9559
[email protected]