A Prayer Center is located in our administration building and is available 24 hours for meditation and prayer. Contact the Church Office for the door code. The warm, comfortable and inviting area is a good setting for quiet time with God. Devotional materials, prayer aids and music are available to assist you in your personal time of prayer.

Prayer Requests – The church’s prayer ministry includes prayer vigils and an intercessory prayer chain for the needs and concerns of the membership and surrounding community. Contact the church office to place a need on the intercessory prayer chain.

Prayer Shawls – The Prayer Shawl Ministry Team create shawls and other items for you to share with those who need encouragement.  When you give a shawl away, you are sharing the love and prayers of NEUMC.  The prayer shawls are kept in the Prayer Center if one is needed. Please remember to sign the journal.  If you need assistance, please see a staff member. Contact the church off if you are interested in joining the Prayer Shawl Ministry Team.