Sunday is our BIG day. It is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the salvation and new lives we find by faith in Him.

Morning Worship – Here is a brief look at our Sunday morning worship services.

Nursery – While children are always welcome to stay with parents, we also have nurseries available on Sunday mornings.

Children are an important part of our church. They are included in age appropriate ways during the services and have Sunday School Classes that help them learn about the Bible and God’s love. The Children’s Choir rehearses on Sunday evenings.

Youth have an important place in our church. No longer children, but not yet adults, we strive to provide a place of spiritual growth and learning for these present and future leaders of the church. Youth gather again on Sunday afternoons and evenings for Youth Praise Team Rehearsals and Youth Fellowship.

Adults have a variety of opportunities to serve in both services. There are also four adult Sunday School Classes available. We often have adult small groups meeting on Sunday evening.

Your First Sunday – Here is some helpful information for your first Sunday at NEUMC.