1. Who Told You, You Were Naked?
    A Holy God Establishing a Relationship with Sinful People Genesis – Deuteronomy
  2. How Do We Find Healing?
    God at Work in the Midst of the Mess We Make Joshua, Judges, Ruth
  3. Are You Passing the Test?
    Growing Up Under Pressure 1 Samuel-2 Chronicles
  4. How Do We Enjoy God?
    Understanding the nature of God and how to benefit from His Presence Ezra- Song of Solomon
  5. Are You Trying to Survive on Supernatural Substitutes?
    Connecting with the Power of God in the presence of Temptation Isaiah-Ezekiel
  6. What Are You Known For?
    Developing a Contagious Testimony in a Troublesome World Daniel- Malachi
  7. Who Is Jesus?
    Developing a Gospel-centered Life Matthew-John
  8. How Then Should We Live?
    Living for Christ Acts – Colossians
  9. What Can We Do?
    Learning how to Live in Relationships 1 Thessalonians – 3 John
  10. What is Next?
    Living in Light of Christ’s Return Jude – Revelation